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At your service in the field of aerosol since 1995!

In 1990, Hevaert society began to introduce some aerosols of an already exceptional quality in its range, the demands of the customers became stronger and stronger, so we created in 1995 society Progale, which became Hepro, essentially distributing a range of aerosols responding to most of the needs in the industry.

An active partner in France and Europe
We provide many professionals in the industry and construction, we are present in France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Our large storage capacities and our distribution network allow us a fast and efficient delivery.

Ongoing search for quality
Production sites located in the Netherlands and Germany are certified ISO 9002.

Respect the environment
All our products are guaranteed with no CFC, this in order to preserve the ozone layer. The raw materials used are those with the least danger for the individual and for our environment.

An effective partner at your service
Our clients regularly contact us for new needs, our laboratory is available to design and develop new solutions. Our team is always at your disposal for any information or suggestion.

Our goal: your satisfaction.