Strong wood brightener – Concentrated

9,04 150,54  TTC

Article 4105 –  Conditionné en pulvérisateur 520ml – Bidons: 1L – 5L – 25L

Product advantages :

  • Effective and powerful to degrease wood (autoclaved or not)
  • Concentrated product
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • No dyes or preservatives
  • Designed and made in France
  • 100% recyclable packaging

(FDS – Nous consulter)


Cleaner and renovator of the external woodwork (autoclaved or not) that has become gray due to inclement weather and UV rays.

By its fast and penetrating action, it eliminates the « gray », the stains and the stains.

Composed of acids of vegetable origins, it allows to find the original aspect of the woods.

Can be used on walkways, boat decks, gates, garden shelters, palisades, stairs, furniture, terraces…



Poids ND

1 Litre avec bouchon, 1 Litre avec vaporisateur, 25 Litres, 5 Litres, Pulvérisateur 520ml

Caractéristiques physiques et techniques

– Aspect : liquide ininflammable
– Masse volumique : 1.06 Kg/L
– Ph : 13
– Composition :Mélange de silicate de soude minérale surfactant, émulsifiant solubilisant, huile essentielle de Citrus limonum.