Shampoo for carpet fabric – Concentrated

9,06 179,64  TTC

Article 4350 – Packaged in a bottle of 520ml – Cans : 1L – 5L – 25L

Available in Mint, Citrus and Pepper fragrances (Essential Oils)
Concentrated product

(FDS – Nous consulter)


Specially designed to remove stains on seats, seat covers, carpets, carpets, clothing, fabrics, hoods, tarpaulins. It destroys bad odors and pleasantly perfumes treated surfaces.

Removes without difficulty the stains of blood, grease, felts, mud, soot, organic residues etc ...

Can be used by scrubbing a task before washing in the machine.

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1 Litre avec bouchon, 1 Litre avec vaporisateur, 25 Litres, 5 Litres, 520ml