Multi-use « A+ » cleaner – Concentrated organic product for a natural cleaning – indoor and outdoor

7,67 123,85  TTC

Article 4040 – Packaged as a 520ml sprayer – Bottles: 1L – 5L – 25L

Cleans, unclogs, detaches and deodorizes – With Lemon essential oils

For all soils and washable surfaces

Product advantages :

  • Cleaner, detergent, deodorant.
  • Concentrated product
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • No dyes or preservatives
  • Food contact
  • Designed and manufactured in France
  • 100% recyclable packaging

(FDS – Nous consulter)


Concentrated liquid product, miscible with water, composed of 100% vegetable and mineral bases without any synthetic additives.

Suitable for every day, whether for heavy work or for daily maintenance.

– Acts on animal or vegetable fats, even old or burnt.

– Removes resins, hydrocarbons.

– Unclogs PVC tarpaulins, old and new generation. Removes static film. Deodorizes quickly. Detaches tissue particles. Removes mold, fungus …

– Phosphate, alcohol, solvent and silicone free.

– Does not change the structure of the material.

Usage tips

Take a test with the diluted product and increase the dose if necessary, this will allow you to use less product and thus save money!

Poids ND

1 Litre avec bouchon, 1 Litre avec vaporisateur, 25 Litres, 5 Litres, Pulvérisateur 520ml

Caractéristiques physiques et techniques

Aspect : liquide ininflammable
Masse volumique : 1.02 Kg/L
Ph : 10
Composition : Mélange de silicate de soude minérale surfactant, alcool végétal, huile essentielle de Citrus limonum.
Composant 100 % d’origine végétale et minérale. Emballage recyclable. Produit non testé sur les animaux. Fabriqué en France.