Degreasing cleaner for fragile surfaces – NEUTRAL NTA – Concentrated product

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Article 4030 – In can

Powerful degreaser for floors and machines. Dissolves all fats of animal or vegetable origin. Can be used on all metallic materials, including light alloys but also tiles, soft coatings, PVC, wood, marble etc ... Use pure or diluted according to the nature of the soiling. Can be quenched, brushed, spraying, sponge, depending on the support.Ideal for self-washers because the neutral product does not alter the joints. Foaming product, rinse with clear water.

Complies with legislation regarding cleaning products for equipment that may be in contact with foodstuffs.

Solvent-free, it is also used for degreasing before and after heat treatment, surface preparation before coating (painting, surface treatment, vacuum deposition).
Create for the mechanical, electrical, automotive, aviation, watchmaking, screw, Textiles, leather, plastics, pharmaceuticals and food, the product can be used hot and it is ideal for degreasing inter-operations.

Directions for use :

Make a test with the diluted product and increase the dose if necessary, this will allow you to use less product and thus save money!